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Tuning Cerisano Piano - Catalogue
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Cerisano's Piano Catalogue lists many pianos for sale by piano technicians and private sellers in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area.

There are many styles and prices to choose from.
Each listing can show digital pictures of the piano as well as list many merits and possible repairs that may need to be done, if any.

Included in the listing should be:
- Price
- Applicable taxes
- Delivery included or not
- First tuning included or not
- Any warranty

- All prices are in Canadian funds.
- Delivery, if included, applies only to moves within the Ottawa area. (maximum $200)
- For private sales through Cerisano, it is the ultimate responsibilty of the piano owner to charge and collect all applicable sales taxes from the purchaser. Cerisano acts only as an agent between Seller and Purchaser and charges advertising fees to the seller only. Taxes are applied to advertising charges and passed on to the seller in this manner only.