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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
Mr. Tuner has many tuners in different cities that charge different rates. Check out the webpage for the tuner in your city by Clicking Here!

How often should I tune my piano?
Your piano should be tuned at least once a year.

When should I get my piano tuned more than once a year?
If your piano is played often, is subjected to changes in humidity, is placed near rads, heating vents or outside walls, or has loose pins, your piano may require tuning more often than once a year. You may also be sensitive to the amount a piano will go out of tune within a short period like six months.
NOTE: It is not advisable to place a piano near heating vents or rads at all. This can result in cracked sound boards and pin blocks!

How can I tell if my piano needs tuning?
Usually you can tell yourself if it is out of tune. Play keys in the middle section and the section to the right. If they don't sound like one note anymore or some may have more of a 'shimmery' sound than others, then your piano probably needs tuning. Remember that some professional pianos will be tuned during a concert's intermission because trained ears can tell when a piano is even the slightest out of tune. So, if you do not have a trained ear and you can hear that it 'just doesn't sound right' then getting your piano tuned will make your piano sound much better.

My piano sounds fine but it hasn't been tuned in a few years. Do I need to get it done anyway?
If you let your piano go for longer than a year without getting it tuned, you can run into some problems when you finally do get it tuned. Because the strings are left to sit without the movement that occurs during a tuning, they will begin to rust weld to the plate. When the tuner tries to tune a badly rusted string, it may break. Strings that look clean may still be rusted to the plate. Also, a good tuner will do more than just tune your piano. They will also make other fine adjustments that will keep your piano working well and fun to play.

Is there anything else that could go wrong by not tuning my piano?
When left for a long time, the pitch of the piano may drop, as a whole. Now your piano cannot play in tune with other instruments, even though each note may sound acceptably in tune. Also, when the tuner tries to tune it, they will have to tune it a couple of times at least. This is known as a 'pitch raise' and may increase the price of a tuning and may result in broken strings.