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Tuning Mr. Tuner
Associate Technician Opportunities
Mr. Tuner is currently looking for qualified technicians to inspect and tune pianos in various North American cities.

The goal of this web site is to provide, not only a source of information for those wishing to buy or sell privately owned pianos, but to provide a place where the general public can view used pianos that have already been inspected by qualified piano technicians!

We are constantly being contacted by potential buyers and sellers who wish to buy or sell pianos in their own city. However, Mr. Tuner will not list any piano on its web site that has not been inspected by a qualified piano technician.

Therefore, in order to list pianos from other cities, and to provide residents of various cities, a source of inspected privately owned pianos, Mr. Tuner needs to expand its association with technicians in other cities.

Also, there is great potential for build your business as Mr. Tuner also receives many requests for tunings and repairs over the internet as well.

This is not a franchise, but rather a service for tuner/technicians to allow them to take advantage of the marketing power of the internet.

Below are some of the advantages of becoming a Mr. Tuner Qualified Technician:

- Earn an extra stream of income from inspecting pianos to be listed on
- Receive piano tuning customers who contact from your city.
- Have access to an internet site to advertise your own pianos for sale.
- Association with Mr. Tuner means that Mr. Tuner will start advertising in your area, finding customers for your piano business!
- Many times, pianos that need repairs are sold through and the associate technician is hired to do the repairs.

If you are interested, please contact Mark Cerisano at or call toll free

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